KCPA Successfully hosted a Multicultural Canada Day Celebration

2021-07-05 by KCPA

An online multicultural Canada Day celebration event hosted by the Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts (KCPA) was successfully held virtually on June 26, 2021.  Many ethnic cultural groups and individuals were invited to participate in this Canada Day celebration.

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KCPA Successfully hosted a Multicultural Canada Day Celebration

The evening gala presented the charm of the traditional Chinese culture and the rich and colourful multicultural programs. The diversified performance by talented dancers, singers and musicians from different ethnic backgrounds expressed our love and attachment to our beautiful home Canada. The show also fully embodied the spirit of all ethnic groups in the joint fight against Covid-19 pandemic.
The city of Mississauga and the Mississauga Arts council (MAC) were honored by the KCPA for the funding and the sponsorship to the event.   Senator Victor Oh, Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Mr. Mike Douglas from MAC gave video speeches to support the event and in particular, to show their strong support to multicultural projects in our community.
The evening gala was live broadcasted simultaneously in both English and Mandarin via the public platform YouTube and was found to be very well received by the local and global audience.
The shining moment on-stage is because of the unremitting off-stage efforts of years. As a return, our performance received enthusiastic praises. The amazing programs were cheered by the audience.  Those wonderful moments will remain in the hearts of our performers and our audience.
KCPA would like to give special thanks to the following groups and individuals who participated in this event:
• Macedonian Folk Ensemble Ilinden
• Sampradaya Dance Creations  
• Habeeba's Dance Studio & Egyptian Dance Ensemble
• Burma Canadian Association of Ontario
• Lyla Bellydance
• Mississauga Le Flambeau French School
• Tennyson King
• Isaac Eng
Their great support and wonderful performance are highly appreciated.  
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, KCPA has scheduled many daily virtual training/practice programs for its members. These online activities promote the communication among the members and reduce the anxiety while we are home alone. While improving artistic accomplishment, these online programs also significantly help us to improve the quality of our video productions.  For example, the virtual stage scene of the choir video "The Moon Represents My Heart" was produced by a panoramic-video production software, involving tremendous complex and dedicate work.  The video productions for dances and self-made costumes were also extremely time-consuming and took a lot of efforts.   The KCPA video producers’ hard work ensured the high quality of the virtual Canada Day Celebration.
KCPA will continue to work with all ethnic groups to make a greater contribution to our diversified multicultural community.
A virtual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala will be organized by the KCPA on Oct 16, 2021 with many more exciting new programs.  We wish to see you then!

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2030 Nation Song

The national anthem <O Canada>

2010 Canadian senator

Speech from Canadian senator Victor Oh

3020 Mayor of Mississauga

Speech from Mississauga’s Mayor Bonnie Crombie

3030 MAC Mike Douglas

Speech from MAC executive director Mike Douglas

1. 丝路霓裳 5010

1. Silk Road Dance

2. 男生英文小合唱:Every time I look at you

2. <Every time I look at you>

3. 舞蹈《左手指月》

3. Classical Dance <Upwards to the Moon>

3. 舞蹈《左手指月》

Classical Dance <Upwards to the Moon>

4. 葫芦丝合奏《婚誓》

4. Hulusi Play <Marriage Vow>

5. Isaac Eng 小提琴独奏《茉莉花》

5. Solo Violin <Jasmine Flower>

6.  马奇顿群舞

6. Pijanec Dance

7. 旗袍舞《心恋》

7. Qipao Dance <Xin Lian>

8. 瑜伽和太极

8. Yoga and Taichi

8. 瑜伽和太极

Yoga and Taichi

9. 法语学校的儿童舞蹈《跳动的音符》

9. Children's Dance <Joyful Notes>


10. Modern and Hip-Hop Dance <Together>

11. 女小合《Amazing Grace》

11. <Amazing Grace>

12. 情系可可托海

12. Modern & Classical Dance <The Love Story of Coketo Sea>

13. 印度舞蹈

13. India Dance <Viva>

14. Tennyson King演唱的《Wild Rose》

14. Solo Sing <Wild Rose>

15. 舞蹈《无价之姐》

15. Jazz Dance <Priceless Girls>

16. 器乐合奏《我心依旧》

16. Instrumental Ensemble <My Heart Will Go On>

17. 藏舞《喜马拉雅热》

17. Tibetan Dance <Himalayas Heat>

18. 英文大合唱

18. Chorus <I Love Alas I Love Thee>

18. 英文大合唱

Chorus <Now Is the Month of Maying>

18. 英文大合唱

Chorus <The Moon Represents My Heart>


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