The Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala

2019-09-22 KCPA

The Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala was successfully held at the Markham Flato Theatre on September 22, 2019 by Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts (KPCA)! Many thanks to Respon International Group, the sponsor of the Gala! The gala was a showcase of the finest Chinese traditional arts and performances associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, including contemporary dance, Chinese opera, Chinese instrumental music and chorus. The Gala brought rich traditional arts to a large audience and created a festive occasion for the families and friends to celebrate together! The Gala not only showcased high quality performances, but also enabled the audience as well as the participants to express their homesickness and joy of family reunion in this traditional Mid-Autumn Festival!

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The Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala

Senator Victor Oh, Mr. Tao Han, Consul General of People's Republic of China in Toronto, and Mr.Jiaping Xue and Frank Scarpitti, Mayors of Markham, sent congratulatory letters to the Gala!, Consul Baohua, Yang, on behalf of Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, delivered an opening speech. He thanked KCPA for its outstanding achievements in preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture and enriching the lives of overseas Chinese. He also extended his best wishes of Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to the audience and wished KCPA a successful Gala! Mr. Bob Saroya (Baoguo Cai), Markham-Unionville House of Representatives also personally attended the opening ceremony. He highly praised KCPA for its great effort and important contributions to promoting diverse cultures and serving the communities by holding the Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala for many consecutive years! He also wished KCPA a success of the gala!

2019_Mid-Autumn 001

2019_Mid-Autumn 002

Ms. Sissy Zhang, Division Manager of Respon International Group, the leading sponsor of the Gala, delivered a warm speech, on behalf of Mr. Hong Li, Chairman and Ms. Ziwei Liao, President of the Company. She congratulated the grand opening of the Gala and expressed her sincere gratitude to organizers, performers and volunteers for this high-quality gala dedicated to promoting traditional Chinese culture and enriching the life of overseas Chinese.

2019_Mid-Autumn 003

01 Peking opera dance ‘Heroinic Elegance’
2019_Mid-Autumn 004 01

2019_Mid-Autumn 005
The opening Peking opera dance ‘Heroinic Elegance’ kicked off the party. The national and traditional heroine Mu Guiying caught audience’s attention immediately. The wonderful performance demonstrated the prosperity of KPCA.

The hosting team
2019_Mid-Autumn 006 00
The hosting team were all KPCA members. They represented and highlighted the overall development of KPCA.

02 Guzheng and Tai Chi
2019_Mid-Autumn 007 02

2019_Mid-Autumn 008
The first show after the opening was an integrated performance of traditional Chinese musical instruments Guzheng and Tai Chi. The show incorporated original modern poetry and conveyed the theme of Gala. Various artistic elements were interwoven and well designed.

03 The medley of Full Nostagia
2019_Mid-Autumn 009 03

2019_Mid-Autumn 010 03b

2019_Mid-Autumn 011 03c
The moonlight tonight is vast and can accommodate all the blessings and missings. The moonlight tonight is affectionate. Whether you are in another country or in hometown, the moonlight on you is the expecting look of your loved ones. The moonlight tonight is gentle and a touch of nostalgia is our deep love for families and friends in hometown. The medley of Full Nostagia sang the homesick feelings of the overseas Chinese!

04 Group song By Lake Baikal and Skyline
2019_Mid-Autumn 012 04a

2019_Mid-Autumn 013 04b
The group song ‘By Lake Baikal’, in Russian folk style, was an ethereal and melodious song. Scene of the song brought listeners to the beautiful scenery of Baikal, as if they had been in the romantic story, leaving lovers with reminiscence and memories. The beautiful pictures and artistic stage setting highlighted the reminiscence and sorrows for the past. In Chorus ‘Skyline’, boys interpreted this euphemistic story vividly with their deep affection and faint singing.

05 ‘A small Town Lane in the Rain’
2019_Mid-Autumn 014 05 小城雨巷
‘A small Town Lane in the Rain’ is a typical Jiangnan style dance. The KCPA performers fully illustrated the graceful gestures of Jiangnan woman.

06 ‘May We live Longer’
2019_Mid-Autumn 015 06

2019_Mid-Autumn 016
‘May We live Longer’ is an original song and dance show. It is a perfect combination of modern and tradition, creativity and beauty with various artistic elements. With soft and gentle voices, the leading singers expressed their deep love for families and friends far away.

07 ‘Winding Mountain Roads’
2019_Mid-Autumn 017 07
The song of my hometown is like a clear flute, always sounded in the night with the moon. However, the face of my hometown is a vague sense of loss, as if it looks back in the fog to leave. After we leave, homesick feels like a tree without rings, never old… The vocal trio ‘Winding Mountain Roads’ is a song with strong ethnic characteristics and rhythm. Three KCPA outstanding singers performed wonderfully and professionally. Their powerful vocal sang the tenacity of people in mountains.

08 ‘I Was Not When You Were Born’ and ‘A Maiden’s Love’
2019_Mid-Autumn 018 08

2019_Mid-Autumn 019
People today cannot see the ancient moon, but the moon ever cast light upon the ancient people. Tonight's bright moon illuminates the distant hometown, and it has also radiated people ancient and present. ‘I Was Not When You Were Born’ and ‘A Maiden’s Love’ are very creative songs and dance show. The beautiful pictures and program arrangements told that Love in the world can pass through the passage of time and space. Time is not a distance, and space is not an obstacle!

09 A medley of accolades for our motherland
2019_Mid-Autumn 020 09

2019_Mid-Autumn 021

2019_Mid-Autumn 022 09-04

2019_Mid-Autumn 023
This year is the 70th birthday of People’s Republic of China. A medley of accolades for our motherland ‘Today is Your Birthday, My China’, ‘My motherland and Me’, ‘In the Fields of Hope’ and ‘My Motherland’ brought the gala to another climax atmosphere! The medley also reflected vocal talents of KCPA choir team!

10 The dance ‘Reflection of Dreams’
2019_Mid-Autumn 024 10
The dance ‘Reflection of Dreams’ was shown together with Chinese traditional instrument Guzheng which has beautiful timbre, wide range and rich variations. The dancers and performances complement each other and strengthen each other.

11 The children's dance ‘Flying Skirts’
2019_Mid-Autumn 025 11
The children's dance ‘Flying Skirts’ showed happiness and freedom of the next generation of immigrants. Children's performance was very lively and lovely. The atmosphere of the theater has reached another climax!

12 The group fan dance ‘Forbidden Fruit-Under the Great Wall’
2019_Mid-Autumn 026 12
The group fan dance ‘Forbidden Fruit-Under the Great Wall’ showed the fashion of the ladies in the Jinzhong area hundreds of years ago and the small feet culture of the era. The music and dance costumes were of typical Chinese characteristics. The whole performance was so smooth, elegant, playful and lovely.

Dashan, a Canadian comedian and a celebrity in China
2019_Mid-Autumn 027
Dashan, a Canadian comedian and a celebrity in China, loved by his Chinese friends, also unexpectedly appeared at this year's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala. He presented his solo comedy special ‘Dashan Live’. His sense of humor, understanding of ancient Chinese poem and well preparation made the theatre roared with laughter!

14 Huangmei opera "Heavenly Maids Scattering Flowers" and Peking opera "Drunk Concubine"
2019_Mid-Autumn 028 14-01

2019_Mid-Autumn 029 14b
Huangmei opera "Heavenly Maids Scattering Flowers" and Peking opera "Drunk Concubine" are performed by KCPA’s own opera talents. The costumes, singing and dancing are all very exciting! The addition of opera shows enriched the Gala programs!

15 The Korean dance ‘Wings of the Soul’
2019_Mid-Autumn 030 15
The Korean dance ‘Wings of the Soul’ created a beautiful picture by the smoothly changed formations, graceful and light movements of the traditional Korean fans.

16 the solo and choir ‘Thoughts on a Silent Night’
2019_Mid-Autumn 031 16a

2019_Mid-Autumn 032 16b
KCPA Choir group just won the silver medal at Toronto International Choir Festival in fall 2019. Tonight they brought the solo and choir ‘Thoughts on a Silent Night’, a famous poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai. The song praised the pure moon of the mid-autumn night and expressed delicate feelings. The choir group also re-sang their favorite piece ‘Jiu Er’, conducted by Ms. Emily Hong and piano by Mr. Elsa. Another wonderful performance!

2019_Mid-Autumn 033 17

18 the song ‘Tonight Belongs To You’
2019_Mid-Autumn 034 18
With the song ‘Tonight Belongs To You’, the Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala 2019 came to end. KCPA has gone through a decade of cultivation, ten years of hard work, ten years of harvest. The annual Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala has become a brand Gala in Great Toronto Area and nearby regions. When Mid-Autumn Festival comes, you would think of ‘Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala’.
This bright moon will always shine in our heart, adding gorgeous colors and strong emotions to our lives. The same moonlight, will, in the same way, cast light upon you and me. But the moon we miss most is the moon in our hometown. Let's meet next year! We will meet again on the Mid-Autumn Festival night of our next ‘Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala’!